Tickets & info: 0131 560 1581
_ Dates: 11-26 Aug (not 14,  21)
_ Time: 18.45
_ Duration: 75 mins
_ Venue: Army @ the Fringe
_ Age Suitability: 16+
Audiences are asked to wear single-earpiece headphones.
Four police officers sit in a riot van. Called out to a domestic dispute which may turn violent, they are on standby; waiting to enter a flat where a man is wielding a samurai sword. We wait with them, experiencing the relationships forged through the stress of the job and the turmoil of being caught between following orders and protecting themselves. Written by a former police officer, Stand By lays bare the modern day police service. Uniquely, audiences are asked to wear single-earpiece headphones, as police officers do, to tell this urgent story in a multi-sensory way.